Jakub Przepiórka – the founder of Glulam Pro

Glulam Pro was established by Jakub Przepiórka – a graduate of the Faculty of Construction at the Szczecin University of Technology, a civil engineer with a licence to design all types of building structures.

Multiple participant and two-time speaker at the prestigious Forum Holzbau Polska (2017, 2019). Author of many publications for industry magazines including „Inżynier Budownictwa”, „Fachowy Dekarz & Cieśla”, „Forestor Market Research and Development”, „Kurier Drzewny”, „Gazeta Przemysłu Drzewnego” – download the most important articles here.

Jakub Przepiórka is an enthusiast of wooden structures. He cooperates with universities, giving lectures to students. He also gives presentations and conducts training sessions for architects and constructors.

Large-sized glulam structures – safe, solid and ecological

We currently concentrate on designing in the latest solid technologies such as CLT and HBE, but we still deal with creating large-sized glulam structures, from which our story really began.

We also carry out complete projects of facility structures along with foundations, mixed structure e.g. reinforced concrete-timber or steel-timber. Our offer is addressed mainly to architects, individual investors and manufacturers of wooden houses.

Our long lasting experience and partnerships enabled us to develop another division of our company – the exclusive representation of structural timber C24, KVH, BSH, HBE, CLT manufacturers.

Since 2015, we have been supplying our network of partners in Poland with these modern solutions. Even though we do not sell products to retail customers, we can prepare structural design and recommend a subcontractor from our network. We cooperate mainly with large, wholesale customers to distribute these products to the market - interest in them is growing at a very dynamic rate.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Our specialists will be happy to share their knowledge and experience.


supply structural elements to timber yards and construction companies directly from the manufacturers!


do the assembly


serve retail

This is taken care of by our trading and construction partners to whom we can refer you after you have made yourself known to us. Would you like to become our partner? We welcome timber yards and construction companies!

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We enjoy new challenges and we are not afraid to take on demanding assignments!

In order to provide the most effective solutions, we follow closely the latest trends in the industr

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